GPRS Keep Alive

GPRS Keep Alive is a small program that will run in background and ping up to five configurable

hosts on a predefined time interval thus effectively preventing disconnection of some cellular modems.

To use the program, first enter up to five hosts (eg., etc), check the checkbox in front of each host to include it in the list of hosts that will be processed (pinged) and turn the pinging on by either pressing the "Turn GPRS Keep Alive ON" button or by configuring automatic startup of the program.

GPRS Keep Alive Main Dialog:
  • Turn GPRS Keep Alive ON/OFF - Manually turn ON or OFF the pinging
  • Minimize to tray - Manually minimize the program to tray
  • Quite GPRS Keep Alive - Quit the program
  • Turn Keep Alive ON on startup - Automatically start pinging hosts when the program is started Minimize on strart - Automatically minimize the program to system tray when started
  • Run when connection detected - Automatically run the program when a connection is detected
  • Enable sonar sound - Produces a sound for each "Ping" request (ping.wav) and each "Ping" response (pong.wav)