Who Might Enjoy Origami?

There are thousands of people who are interested in crafts. There are thousands of crafts and crafting ideas worldwide. One craft, often referred to as an art is origami. This concept was discovered or invented hundreds of years ago in China and Japan. Although it's unknown exactly where origami was first used, this activity was and continues to be an important part of the Japanese culture. An activity that involves folding a piece of paper has been for generations used both as a pastime and as a challenge. There are very basic forms of origami and there are very complicated forms of origami. This activity involves mathematics and creativity.

Who might enjoy origami? The answer to that question is simple - anyone. People of all ages for many years have been doing origami projects. One of the basic forms of this activity is the paper airplane. Thousands of people have made paper airplanes not knowing they were doing an origami project. In order to make a perfect paper airplane, it is essential to use exact folds in the paper. This is what the art of origami is about, making precise folds to create a specific object.

In the early days when origami was initially discovered, it was used in Germany by kindergarten students. It also became quite popular in England where children used it as a hobby. Origami, even for young children is exciting and since it requires mathematics and much concentration, it can also be very educational. Because the end result is an object of some sort, it's also exciting for children because they are anticipating the outcome. Origami takes time which makes this activity a great pass-time for children. It keeps their minds and hands occupied.

Origami can be very basic such as the simple folds required for a paper airplane. However this activity, when used as an art can become very complex. As people are become interested in origami, they begin to look for more challenging projects, those that demand plenty of thought, creativity and imagination. Using mathematics this activity requires the individual to think logically as well.

Over the years origami has been taken to a whole new level. People are using this concept to create sculptural art. Individuals who are using this idea as a form of art are creating their own designs. Many of these origami compositions are displayed in art galleries. There's enough interest in this activity that there are origami competitions held. Individuals who are really skilled and serious about origami work quite hard to design and create complex objects to be showcased and judged at competitions.

Anyone could enjoy origami if they were interested. It is definitely an activity that requires interest. The folding process demands careful attention and without it the intended result would likely not be achieved. Many people are fascinated with paper folding, from the very young to the very old. This ancient hobby has transformed into an art that is given plenty of recognition. If origami sounds like an activity you might be interested in, why not browse some of the many Internet sites providing details and instructions.