Building Money On The Web Fast - Simply As 1 - 2 - 3 As Long As You're Using Article Marketing

Author: Dale Dupree

Making revenue from article marketing is as simply as a - b - c! Really, it is not that difficult to make income online if you jump in to a simply 3 step strategy that I will summarise for you here today. If you will follow this strategy, then you too will be making money in next to no time at all.   OK, let's do it. I will assume for the sake of simplicity that you already have a little knowledge of internet marketing. But, should you be totally green, then this article will still make sense (hopefully) although you may need a little more instruction which is freely available for you.   The first step is to write an article using notepad of approx 300-500 words. I mentioned notepad because it takes away the editing concerns away and you can simply think on the job at hand which is to create a quality article that has new ideas,Google loves this. Be sure to include your keyword phase at least 3 times in a natural way as this definitely helps with your SEO.   Next, paste this article to any high traffic online article directory under the proper category. If this is your first time, then take this time to create a free account for yourself. It is also worth while at this time to complete the profile page as you will for sure want prospects of the article to know a much more about the author.   The final step in order to build revenue online is to post your article to a blog or blogs that you have about your product,opportunity,business that you are busy writing this article about. Repeat, this gives you another marketing piece and even more opportunities to be seen by your target audience while all the while building credibility in yourself to your audience. This aspect of marketing should never be taken lightly. Remember, people do business with people who they either know or trust, period!   Ok if we counted correctly, this gives us a simple 3 step system in order to build money online. By following this simple, no cost, duplicatable process, you can be up and running and driving traffic to your website, blog, whatever asap.   And if you want to see more about this and other great methods for online marketing, then I encourage you to take a good look at this info. available here today.   To your continued marketing success...   

About the Author:
Don't go out there and try 1 million things at once because you're not going to see any real results come out of that. Focus on something you like to do in a way to bring traffic to your site. Become the best at that. Learn all you can from it.    Dale Dupree