The Low-down on Acquiring the #1 Google Rank

Author: Peter Pan

You grasp, persons love to make matters complex, but producing Cash on the internet is truly really clear-cut. Whether you are advertising your own product, marketing Affiliate links, or making cash from adsense or "click Flipping", it all comes down to solely two things:

Conversion and Traffic.
Conversion comes foremost.  You want to have an offer that People need. That "offer" may be a service, or it might Be an attractive advert (e.G. Google Adsense) that persons Want to click on.  And you require some type of presentation (such as a sales letter) that supports them to take the Action that you need them to take (eg purchase the service or Click on the advert).

In many ways this is the painless component.  Generally persons can hammer Together a semi decent site or sales letter that will Convert at least a number of visitors into cash.

But next you require Traffic.  Oodles of it.  The more persons That arrive by your website, the more cash you will bring in -
Especially if that traffic is exceedingly targetted.

But, given the amount of sites out there - all butting heads For the same traffic, just how do you pick up more visitors to
Your website?

Well, there are just 3 ways that persons go to your Website:

I. They type your URL straight into their browser. This Comes from some sort of offline advertising - it may be Your  enterprise card, a radio advert, an article in a Magazine, or a conversation with a buddy.

II. They click on a link text someplace.
It may be in an email They received (eg from a associate or from an ezine they Subscribed to), or it may be on another site they have Visited.

III. Or they do a search in the search engines, spot your website In the search results, and click to visit you.

That is it. There is no additional means for them to move to your Website.
So, seeing that, how do pick up additional traffic?  Easy:

I. Make certain you are selling your online presence in all Your offline marketing supplies.
II. Get heaps of persons to link to you, and lots of persons to Dispatch out emails with your link text in it.
III. Grab a top place in the search engines.

Hmm. Easy, but not simple.  Simply how do you get 2 and 3 Without wasting lots of money or ending up blacklisted by the
Search engines?

To realize this, we want to know how the search Engines operate.  Again, it is much easier than persons make
Out. Search engines need heaps of persons to use them.  To pull off That, they strive to bring related and up-to-date
Information to persons who carry out a search using them.

But how do they hypothisize what is related to your search? There are merely two methods they can accomplish that:

I. They browse at your website.
Making use of very complicated Algorithms they guess what the subject material of your website is.  They as well spot how recent, or old, it is, how recently It has been modified, and so on.  These are all renowned as on-page Or on-site aspects.  You have immediate control over several of These when you designed your website.

II. They see at what other individuals mention regarding your website.
In Performing this they look at two things: How many persons anchor to Your website (and what the anchor text says) and as well how valuable Is the website that anchors to your website.  An influential "authority" website that links to you is valued more than a Whole bunch of insignificant websites.  The also rethink how Up to date the back-links that point to you  re, and a amount of Other features about the link text and the context in where it is Located.

At the same time, the search engines are continually seeking Out for websites that try to fool them into thinking they are More significant or more well-liked than they actually are.  Which Is why the so-called "black-hat" tactics rapidly lose Their efficiency.
So, to move to the top of the search engines you want to accomplish Two things:

I. Optimize your on-page features. There is a lot of Details online around how to pull off that. It's not Hard.  But, in itself, it is also not sufficient.

II. Grab heaps of high-level quality, oneway, related back-links to Your website from as many other websites as feasible.

How do you urge individuals to anchor to you?

I. Have a incredible creation so that they just, Impulsively, choose to alert others about your website.
II. Pay them to link to you - purchase a text link, or supply an Affiliate program.
III. Trade links with them - but reciprocal links are Clearly not worth as much as oneway links, and it is a bunch Of drudgery to achieve this properly.
IV. Provide them with new, distinct information that adds meaning To their website in return for which they decide to publish a link Back to you. Oodles of websites are continually seeking for New, distinct information. They acquire this information by weeding Through article directories, or by subscribing to article Submission services.

So, if you fling out articles to such directories, your Articles will finish up both on the directories themselves, AND on the market websites that pick up and manage our articles. And several of these are likely to be significant "authority"-type websites.  Of course it depends on the Quality of your article who picks it up.

As you can witness, this final process is the easiest and largely Explosive.  It supplies you hundreds or thousands of one way Link texts, from niche, related sites, all for free of charge. All you want is some means to get a distinct, unique, Article to every of those directories and ezine publishers. But do not pause there.  The real supremacy behind this method Comes when you utilize it frequently.  If possible once a week. Imagine obtaining 200 to 1800 new everlasting backlinks Each week?

By the finish of a year, you possibly will simply have 15,000 or more Important, quality, backlinks to your website!

That is the supremacy of this method. And that is why it defeats Each other traffic generation and Search Engine Optimization method there is. Which is, of course, what the Unique Article Wizard does.

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