Affiliate Marketing - Introducing Click Bank

Author: Fabio Jesus

For those who don´t know, Click Bank is an affiliate website that has thousands of products that you can choose to promote. When looking for a product, you will see that every product has some statistics associated. These are:  $/sale:, Future $:, Total $/sale:, %/sale: 75.0%  and  grav: . If you not sure what they mean, then they will be explained here.  In order to give you an easier explanation we will use an example. Imagine a product with these statistics: $/sale: $36.27 | Future $: $202.25 | Total $/sale: $230.30 | %/sale: 50.0% | grav: 131.96    

$/sale:  This means how much you will earn as soon a sale is done. On this example you earn $36.27 every time you sell this product.  

Future $:  If there is a dash here you won´t make money overtime. On this example we got $202.25 here, which means besides those $36.27 you earn as soon you make a sale, you also get $202.25 over time for each sale.  

Total $/sale:  Usually this is $/sale: + Future $: but if costumers asked for a refund after buying the product, then this number will be lower.  

%/sale:  This is the percentage that you earn of the total price. Commission on Click Bank go from 50% up to 75%. 

grav:  Higher the gravity means that more people have sold this product. If you see a number above 50 here, then it´s a good product to promote. Means that is selling well. 

After you choose a product you need to get the link that will track your sales. To get it, click on  create HopLink  and you will be taken to a new screen. There you will see 2 fields: Account NickName: and Tracking ID(optional). Forget this last one for know. That is used to track your sales. The account nickname is where you put your nickname (it is the same nickname that you log in). After that you will get your link and can start promoting the product (your link is the first one you see).

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