Effective Internet Home Based Business Tips On Article Marketing

Effective Internet Home Based Business Tips On Article Marketing

Author: Pasi Kaarakainen
If you have a home based business on the internet chances are you are either doing article marketing or considering it. In this article we will give you a handful of effective internet home based business tips using the power of article marketing. 

1. Even though, it is important to write for your readers, you do not want to forget the search engines either. You can offer something useful information both for your readers and for the search engines at the same time targeting the right keyword phrases within your article body.  However, you should mostly concentrate on long term keyword phrases (more than two words) because of the intensive competition with short phrases. This gives you a better chance of ranking high on a search engine for that keyword phrase from the article you write. 

2. Think in terms of volume and not necessarily on quality. You want to provide helpful articles that a person feels like they've gotten something from when they read it.  However, to really benefit from article marketing in terms of traffic for your home based business, you must get a lot of articles on the internet. The only way to do that is to write more articles yourself or outsource it to a freelance writer.  Your marketing efforts are useless if you spend too much time with one article while trying to make it "too perfect". You should be able to get hundreds of articles to the thousands of different article directories and blogs that are related to your niche. This is how you brand yourself as an expert on the topic and generate more website visitors. 

3. Make your resource box as attractive as possible and keep it limited. Many people want to write another article in the resource box and this is a mistake.  Your goal in the resource box is to provide something enticing to your reader to get them to click on the URL to your website. If you look at expert authors in the article directory  Ezinearticles.com  you'll see most of them use short resource boxes that offer something to make a person click on their website URL. 

4. Create unique versions of your articles and post them in a blog. Your goal is to get as much mileage of one article as you possibly can. If you are submitting your articles to article directories you might as well change it a little bit and put it on your blog too.  These are four effective internet home based business tips on article marketing. Using this as part of your advertising and promotion mix makes sense because increasing number of readers and other resources equals increasing traffic for your business.

About the Author:
Pasi Kaarakainen uses  article marketing  as one part of his strategies to create visitors to his  internet home based business  website. Learn more about internet marketing visiting Pasi's site today.