Optimized RSS Feeds can Boost up your Website’s Visibility

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RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is basically, an XML-based format used for the purpose of distributing content. The RSS code forms an XML file which describes the content of your RSS feed. RSS feeds provide a great way to communicate over the Internet. RSS feeds can be used potentially as one of your very rewarding online marketing and search engine optimization services. In fact, if managed properly, these feeds can also result in significant traffic pullers and hence, in this article we would like to put together, some useful tips to optimize an RSS feed for search engines.  Once you get pro with the job of using RSS feeds on your website and then creating them on your website, the second step that you need to take is promoting them. Like any other internet marketing concept, the RSS feed promotion also depends on the good promotion of your website. While creating your RSS feeds, ensure that the title has optimal search keywords. More keywords increase your feed’s chances to come up when a specific search is performed. However, this does not mean that you can incorporate every possible keyword. In fact, note that you can include up to 15 different titles listed for one link, article, content, etc. while the creation of original RSS file.  Always, remember that nobody would click on the RSS feed that does not suit their interest or purpose, hence, include enticing descriptors to attract visitors to your site. Use smart texts that empower your content without letting it look irrelevant. Along with the keywords, another thing that you can concentrate is having a particular ‘theme’ for your content. Make efforts to group your RSS feeds into themes for better search engine optimization.   Try to hold your visitors on your website by 'instructing' external RSS feeds to display in new browser windows rather than getting them diverted to a new website. This reduces the chances of your visitors moving to another website. Seldom use of ‘back’ button may prevent visitors to get back to your website, if once moved out. Hence otherwise, it increases the chances that a visitor would continue to be on your site provided the RSS feeds open in new browsers.  As charity begins at home, your feeds should also get quality promotion on your own website. Such an SEO technique would surely enhance its performance on the external search engines as most search engines return results by the most frequently clicked first. Moreover, believe in your RSS feed and post it only your website because if you cannot trust your RSS feeds, then none can. In addition to this, as most feed readers’ list feeds in alphabetical order in their reader, try to feed channels that begin with A so that they appear on the top of the feed list in alphabetically organized readers.   Another technique for good search engine optimization of your RSS feeds is utilizing your relevant and meaningful RSS feeds by subscribing them to yourself. Intelligently, fit in the keywords in the title and create multiple titles to be incorporated in the same content.

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