Top 4 Benefits of Owning a Blog

This is an introduction to blogging.Blogging is a very effective marketing tool and the cost is low. With a blog, you can create a safe place and build trust, branding and position yourself, build your list and build equity with network marketing articles. Let's chat about each of these benefits in more detail.

1. Provide "Safe" Place and Build Trust
So what do I mean by a "safe" place. It is a place where they (your target market) can:

* Read valuable subject matter
* Read the "about me" and get to know more about you
* See pictures of you and/or your children
* Get a sense of who you are before filling out their contact information for your lead capture

Not to say you won't use your lead capture in your marketing. This is just a place for people who are riding the fence can get to know you better. Now you are building trust.

2. Branding and Position
Branding is basically the persona that you put out to the market. It is the difference between looking professional and looking like a leader, knowing what you are doing and having a real business v.s. looking like you don't know what you are doing to put it nicely. Brand yourself by using your name for your blog domain name.

Branding is the Key!

Position yourself as an expert to your market. Think about going to a bookstore and you see people's reaction to the authors of books. They typically view those authors as experts. If you wrote a book then you must be an expert on that topic. That is our cultural assumption.

Good blogs are pretty much the same as a good bood. Not just your average everyday blog, but when you land on a blog that really gets your consideration, then it is just like reading a good book in term of respect for the author.

3. Build Your List
Owning you own blog will intensify your list building efforts. This is because you are:

* providing a "safe" place and building trust
* possess a great professional branding and positioned yourself as an expert

You will get more leads into your list, chiefly with social networking. Social networking sites like facebook and twitter, for example, you do not want to send people directly to your lead capture page. It is going to be more effective to send people to your blog first (a "safe" place, build trust and show what kind of a leader you are).

You will show your awesome web presence; and, they will want to follow you.

4. Build Equity
Building your website overtime, let's say a post a week or even a post a day, you will have oodles of posts on your blog that are worthwhile for prospects to read. This is prime real estate for you. More people will want to join your list and you can then monetize that list.